Dynamic, unexpected events have the potential to not only tell the story of a community, but to shape its culture through shared experiences. Building meaningful relationships and promoting unity is at the core of who we are.

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Fostering an inclusive and innovative community is essential to our success as a region. Through both the projects we choose and the partnerships we make, we strive to enhance the economic and creative vitality of the Fox Cities region, making it an enduringly attractive place for young professionals to call home.

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Whether you are looking to get socially connected in the Fox Cities or are seeking a unique resource for employees, let us be your platform for contributing to the creative growth and prosperity of the Fox Cities. Wisconsin needs you and so do we.

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Making an impact in the community you inhabit often hinges on the relationships you cultivate early in your career. Pulse is a tool Fox Cities Young Professionals can use to expand their network, form new friendships and brainstorm fresh ideas among peers.

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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." -William Butler Yeats. We want to light your fire, whether it be through continuing education, business development skills or place-making initiatives... Pulse wants to do more than give you a key to an unexplored future,we want to help you forge it.

We Inspire

Inspiration is funny in that it can come from unexpected places... suddenly a campfire flickering on the shores of Lake Winnebago stokes an ember of entrepreneurial spirit, a tired sales pitch is abandoned for a brainstorming session about social innovation, a happy hour drink evolves into a photo session with new friends. Pulse is a place where thought leaders come together and create. Join us and be inspired.